Top Dog Walking Services - Pet Service Terms
Terms and Conditions 
We know this stuff is boring but this is entirely in order to protect both your beloved pets and ourselves in the event of any accident, incident or illness occurring.
Dogs are to wear a Collar with a Tag providing - your Surname, address and phone no.
* The owner agrees to advise us of any behaviour or health problems whether old or new.

* We regret that we do not accept unspayed bitches or un-neutered boys. 
* Full details of your veterinary practice and contact numbers in case of an emergency. 
* If we are unable to make contact with you we reserve the right tmake decisions 
  regarding emergency veterinary treatment whilst your pet is in our care and the    owner accepts full liability or payment of related veterinary treatment and fees

* One week's trial will be required to ensure that your dog is compatible with our existing 

Off lead exercise is only provided to those dogs whose owners have signed our consent form and disclaimer and who have confirmed that their dog has proven good recall. We will only exercise your dog off lead in areas we deem to be safe however whilst every care will be taken whilst exercising your dog ALL dogs exercised by Top Dog Walking Services are done so at their owners risk and no responsibility can be accepted for sickness, injury, loss through theft or straying or demise of the dog. 

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